Do You Know What it Takes to Create Cinematic Photographs?

If not, now’s the time to learn the secrets of the pros and:

  • Create unforgettable images that tell compelling stories
  • Become a painter and master of lighting
  • Rapidly grow and accelerate your photography skill set

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Ever Wish Your Photographs Looked Like the Movies ?

Ever wonder how cinematographers and directors of photography shoot and light the movies? Are you ready to look at lighting in a whole new way? Joel Dryer and Digital Beret Studios is proud to present the first video in a series of training courses geared toward teaching you the secrets and techniques behind how cinematographers light the movies.

Start producing your very own cinematic pictures today!

Introductory Price of $79
Regularly $99

In this series we will teach you how to:

  • Dissect the lighting of your favorite movies in order to recreate their “looks”
  • Control, shape and manipulate light like you have never done before
  • Use inexpensive household items to create DIY movie magic

Learn to light a set to look like day and night


Walk the set with Joel to learn about the placement of each light


Helpful animated diagrams delve deeper into the technical aspects of each shot


Is This Training Video Right for Me?

This series is only for individuals who are ready to take their lighting skills to the next level. If  you are looking for a video on manipulating natural light, then volume 1 is not for you. In this inaugural video we start with a completely dark scene and add light to mimic two completely different times of day. While most videos focus on lighting the face, this video focuses more on lighting the entire scene.

If this sounds like the training series you have been waiting for then hurry to take advantage of the low introductory price. By missing out on this exciting video you risk losing the opportunity to immediately improve your photographs as well as set yourself apart from other photographers.

Start producing your very own cinematic pictures today!

Introductory Price of $79
Regularly $99


Run Time: 43 minutes – Don’t be fooled by length. Our training videos are condensed, straight to the point and chock full of valuable information.
Format: Digital Download
Language: English
Subtitles: Not at this time
Size: Full 1920×1080 HD Resolution