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Introducing How to Light Like a Cinematographer Volume 1

A FREE in-depth training video on studio lighting and photography

Joel Dryer shares what inspired him to create Digital Beret Studios and this free in-depth training video.

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What is this training course all about?

The How to Light Like a Cinematographer series does two things:

  1. It teaches the techniques used by director’s of photography (also known as cinematographers) in the making of your favorite movies
  2. It applies them to your still photography in an easy to follow format

What are some of the things that I can expect to learn?

This course will teach you how to:

  • Dissect the lighting of your favorite movies in order to recreate their “looks”
  • Control, shape and manipulate light like you have never done before
  • Use inexpensive household items to create DIY movie magic

And much more!

Who is this course primarily for?

This training series is for:

  1. Commercial, fashion, beauty, conceptual and portrait photographers who know about lighting but are looking for something fresh and new that can take their photography to new heights
  2. Natural light photographers who are ready to start learning how to mimic and recreate natural looking light in-studio and on location

Whether you are new to lighting or a seasoned professional, you are bound to learn something new in this course!

Turn This…


Into This!


Learn to light a set to look like day and night


Walk the set with Joel to learn about the placement of each light


Helpful animated diagrams delve deeper into the technical aspects of each shot


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